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Who We Are

Beginning in 2001 as a truck-load brokerage, Bison ABL has grown into a high energy, resourceful and creative logistics provider. We handle ocean, intermodal, flat deck, short and long-haul truck movements, as well as LTL and many specialized services as well. Operating crossdocks across Canada, ABL can also provide consolidation and de-consolidation, as well as storage and distribution services.

Bison ABL moves thousands of shipments a month, and possesses both the experience and the drive to meet the needs of many unique transportation networks. ABL approaches the market with integrity, environmental responsibility, and the desire to apply our ingenuity, commitment, and unique knowledge of the Canadian market to create value. Our solid foundation of long term relationships with customers and carriers has allowed us to continue to develop and enhance its level of service.

Our parent, Bison Transport, is one of the safest carriers in North America and a continental leader in responsible truckload transportation. At Bison ABL we reflect the same standards and values that have made Bison Transport a hallmark in the Canadian transportation industry. You can learn more about Bison Transport at

Flex Fleet

Are there immediate demands in your business resulting from sales promotions, production, distribution relocation, or other system interruptions? These can be very costly if not managed properly.

Bison ABL can provide pop-up operations including dedicated, shunt, irregular route truckload, LTL, storage and distribution services that will control the cost and increase the effectiveness of any short-term need. ABL's Flex-Fleet option gives you the Edge to overcome challenges and make them a success.

Full Service Logistics

If you are planning to out-source all transportation functions, you have come to the right place! We provide complete transportation management including:

  • full service storage and distribution,
  • intermodal,
  • rail,
  • truckload and LTL,
  • reefer,
  • flat deck
  • and other specialized service options.

This gives you the Edge to maximize your service quality and simplify your complicated network of customers and suppliers.


If you have a time lag between production and customer demand, Bison ABL can add value by making you more proximal to your customer, and meeting precise on time delivery requirements. If you need break-bulk from truck to rail, rail to truck and full truckload to LTL, we can provide it!

Our flexibility, our tight process management, and our visibility tools can get the job done seamlessly from your production facility through your distribution network and onto your customers, giving you the Edge on the competition.

Classic Brokerage

Bison ABL can simplify your transportation network with our Classic Brokerage. By developing and implementing a carrier choice model customized to your individual needs we can help you find the right carrier at the right price giving you the Edge on rates and service.

Sole Source Logistics

Bison ABL facilitates thinking outside the boundaries of your current business with our Sole Source Logistics. By supplying dedicated or embedded personnel to handle your shipping needs, Bison ABL ensures that transportation is responsive and fully integrated into your business. We can add expertise in your planning, and provide an implementation experience that allows you to succeed initially, and ongoing. Our knowledge, experience and drive can create value, giving you the Edge on the competition.

Rescue Carrier

Maybe your system is undegoing change, or unstable conditions are interrupting your flow. Perhaps your current network is stretched for capacity around holidays, or summer months. Bison ABL can be your rescue carrier, finding supply at market rates to ensure your production and distribution facilities, and your clients, don't miss a beat.

Our Mission